Plankton's current specs

Plankton's Current Specs:

Motor: 9" Series DC, refurbished by Jim Husted in Redmond, OR.
Controller: Synkromotive
Batteries: 35 CALB LiFePo4 cells (115.5V nominal pack voltage)
Charger: Elcon PFC1500, so far only charging from house mains 110-120 AC.
Pedal: Ford Ranger TPS

-No clutch
-12V Pb-Acid auxiliary battery for car electrical (blinkers, lights, etc.)
-Generic (??) vacuum pump for brake assist (no power steering)

Monday, July 18, 2011

First commute with LiFePo4 batteries!!

Alot of changes I haven't posted about:
- Synkromotive controller installed
- 35 CALB LiFePo4 cells installed

Today was my first day commuting with the CALB cells. Granted, it's only a 14-mile round-trip commute, but I was still pretty excited about doing it! And- it was uneventful. The car kept up with traffic no problem (old Pb-Acid cells were lethargic), I had plenty of reserve range to make it to work, and it rained (this is July in Oregon... yay).

I set my Elcon charger to charge to approximately 3.54 V/cell and it worked great, finished the charge. I had balanced the cells the previous weekend so that was as expected. I plan to balance again this weekend just to make sure things are leveled out. My cells were not equal as-delivered. But CALB was great to work with other than that, answered all my questions promptly and delivered promptly too. I had to wire transfer in order to save a CC surcharge, but that was fine with me.

The Synkromotive has been just awesome so far. One problem I have though, is that the CAT5 communications with it seem to drop out when I accelerate the car. This is probably due to some issues with EMF, there is no way to avoid going past some HV cables with the CAT5. Still trying to iron that out with ferrite filters and such.

That's all for now. Stay posted for more boring commute logs. Feel free to ask questions!!