Plankton's current specs

Plankton's Current Specs:

Motor: 9" Series DC, refurbished by Jim Husted in Redmond, OR.
Controller: Synkromotive
Batteries: 35 CALB LiFePo4 cells (115.5V nominal pack voltage)
Charger: Elcon PFC1500, so far only charging from house mains 110-120 AC.
Pedal: Ford Ranger TPS

-No clutch
-12V Pb-Acid auxiliary battery for car electrical (blinkers, lights, etc.)
-Generic (??) vacuum pump for brake assist (no power steering)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I needed a way to connect the two shafts- one from the electric motor and one from the existing BMW transmission. The problem is, they weren't made to go together. The shaft from the motor is a smooth shaft with a keyway, and the shaft from the transmission is splined (the old clutch disk is splined and slid onto the splines of the tranny... well at least it used to, but I won't have a clutch). So here is the first thing I got, a Lovejoy coupling. It is basically two metal collars that slide together, with a urethane spacer in between them. The urethane allows a little bit of give if there is minor misalignment. I thought it sounded good to allow for a little misalignment. The picture shows the coupling (assembled) on the left, there is a key (for the keyway) in the center, and a collar is shown on the right. The collar, plus another, will keep this whole assembly from moving fore and aft on the two shafts. It'll be trapped.

The shaft of the motor fits right onto this thing, but I need to mod the other half to accept the splined center of the old clutch disk. I'll have a shot of that later, it's not done yet.
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