Plankton's current specs

Plankton's Current Specs:

Motor: 9" Series DC, refurbished by Jim Husted in Redmond, OR.
Controller: Synkromotive
Batteries: 35 CALB LiFePo4 cells (115.5V nominal pack voltage)
Charger: Elcon PFC1500, so far only charging from house mains 110-120 AC.
Pedal: Ford Ranger TPS

-No clutch
-12V Pb-Acid auxiliary battery for car electrical (blinkers, lights, etc.)
-Generic (??) vacuum pump for brake assist (no power steering)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Transmission digitizing

Next step was to start figuring out how to connect the motor to the existing transmission. I decided to do without a clutch... rumor has it that 2nd gear is good for around town, maybe 3rd gear for the freeway. So, there will be a bit of a learning curve on shifting without a clutch, we'll see how it goes.

The tranny was already out with the motor, so I hauled it to work and digitized the bolt-hole positions on our CMM (coordinate measurement machine).

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